Warsaw pact motor rifle platoon

Motor rifle platoon together with company HQ and recce section.

The defenders of the working class in my 6 mm lineup primarily consists of a motor rifle platoon, part of a motor rifle company. They are based on Soviet organisation, but can obviously be played as a number of different pact nations, such as the DDR or Poland. I’ve used a few different sources for the ORBAT. Mainly I’ve been reading Cold War Gamer (excellent blog), and also I’ve been referring to this PDF at Fire & Fury. Finally I’ve also triangulated this with the Ambush Alley Cold War Hot sourcebook.

The platoon consists of 3 squads mounted in BMP’s. The Recon element consists of 3 BRDM 2s, and the company HQ is mounted in a BMP. The colour schemes for the BMP’s are more or less freestyled, but are inspired by Czechoslovak and Soviet central asian patterns.

Czech BVP 1
This image from Stopping The Read Tide illustrates my ORBAT fairly closely. Although they used BTR’s instead of BRDM’s for recce, and as I play with Force on Force rules I don’t field the whole company.

Because I’m a braindead idiot I decided to individually base all my infantry. This was done by cutting 3 mm circles out of plasticard, covering these with ‘green stuff’ modelling putty, and then supergluing each soldier in the still soft putty. It took a million years and it takes a million years to move them around the board during a game, but it looks pretty cool. In small scale games, it also gives much higher fidelity of course. I’ve played fire team level games with Force on force rules like this. Quick and fun in 6 mm scale.

BMP 1 and motostrelki on individual bases, with a Turkish lira for size comparison.

Company tank support comes in the form of up to three T-62A platoons, or a single T-72B platoon, depending on scenario.

T-62A on the left (note the addon armour at the front of the turret), with a T-72B with ERA on the right.

The platoon can also be deployed in BTR-60PB’s, or BMP 2’s. But I’m happiest with the paintwork on the BMP 1’s, so I’ve gone for those as default.

Two BTR-60PB with advancing motostrelki.

All the models are bought from GHQ and painted with Tamiya colours, and washed with Games Workshop washes.


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