US cavalry scouts

3xm901_3xacav.jpgMy first 6 mm NATO project was a US cavalry scout troop.The role of recce tends to interest me in general, and 1980s era US Army had some fun vehicles for the purpose. The troop I’ve put together consists of three cavalry scout squads, riding in three M113 ACAVs and three M901 ITVs. The ORBAT is lifted from the Ambush Alley Cold War Gone Hot sourcebook.

The M113 ACAV (armored cavalry assault vehicle) has an interesting history. Originally the M113 was designed as a battle taxi that would carry troops to the combat zone, where they would fight dismounted, as per US doctrine. When the US shipped M113s to the South Vietnamese junta, the army of South Vietnam quickly developed their own doctrine, where troops would fight mounted while firing from the top hatches. They scavanged scrap metal to be used as shields for the mounted machine guns, thus turning the M113s into DIY infantry fighting vehicles. This concept was later adopted and formalised by the US into the M113 ACAV. I’m generally a sucker for upgraded or modified low tech vehicles, and this is a perfect example.



I also like the combination of the ACAV and the ITV from a gameplay perspective, since they become dependent on each other when engaging a mixed enemy force. The ITV can attack armoured targets from long range, and has good sensors. Meanwhile, the ACAV can bring a large amount of suppressive fire to bear on infantry.


I decided to paint my ITVs in an exercise Reforger style sloppy winter camo. My general approach to choosing camo schemes is fun and variety over cohesion and perfect realism.

M60s in a Reforger exercise.



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