In space, No-one Can Hear You Blog

So I’ve been pretty quiet lately. All of my more or less strange hobbies come and go for me, in almost predictable cycles. During the fall I was working on a hobby project computer game (the elevator pitch was basically “a mech simulator in Stephen King’s The Mist”). I might show it off here at some point.

And lately I’ve been spending my time in Elite: Dangerous. But although the cold war stuff has been on ice for a while, I’ll get back around to it again soon for sure. Enjoy some images from my space forays in the meantime.

In orbit over a huge crater (the crater rim stretches from top to bottom just in front of the ship).
After touch down inside the crater wall (visible as it goes over the horizon in the upper left corner). Heading off with the rover to inspect a crash site for survivors, flight recorders or salvage (visible as a black smudge in the distance).

All the best, and as always, thank you for your time.


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