Work in progress: Gas Station

So I’ve slowly been ramping up the 6mm stuff lately. About a week ago I played a US vs USSR mechanised meeting engagement with Rory Crabb’s Fireteam Modern rules, and during the weekend I’ve been tinkering with some new terrain. I thought I’d share some progress just to get some content up.

A building I’ve wanted to add for quite a while is a gas station. I think it will nicely break up my otherwise quite pastoral board. So yesterday I decided to scratch build one from cardboard. I simply took some measurements and cut up the pacaking for a chocolate bar.

As usual I start by sketching a layout on the plaster covered styrofoam.

I haven’t really based the design on reference images, or even went to any lengths to get the measurements correct scalewise. I just wanted to get going and throw something together. Never the less, I think the results are pretty good thus far.

Then I just started cutting what seemed like a reasonable shape with a pair of scissors and glueing it together with PVA.
A rim around the roof adds a little character. Out of focus in the foreground is the station sign. Matchsticks make for good pillars. I think it’s all starting to come together nicely here.

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