Play it again, SAM

During the week, me and Swordsman played a game of Fireteam. The scenario premise was that NATO forces had pushed back the front line, and a forward US cavalry scout troop had managed to capture an undefended Sa-3 site. The game was to take six turns, and the NATO objective was to hold the SAM site on turn six, and had a bonus objective of eliminating the Warsaw Pact company command squad. NATO reinforcements would arrive at the start of turn 4.

The board in the late game. NATO reinforcements entering through the village at the near end.

The Warsaw Pact objective was simply to dislodge the Americans from the SAM site, while inflicting maximum casaulties. The Warsaw Pact force consisted of a motor rifle platoon mounted in BMP-1s, with an attached section of T-72Bs, as well as the company command squad in a BMP-1.

The objective, an SA-3 SAM site.

The initial NATO force consisted of three M901 ITV TOW carriers, three M113 ACAVs, and three squads of scouts. Reinforcements on turn 4 came in the form of two Bradleys with infantry and a USMC M60A3 with ERA.

I played NATO this time and managed a lot of lucky rolls. Especially the ITVs managed to eliminate a frightening amount of BMPs and T-72s, acting as long range AT-snipers from their position on a forested hillside.

NATO heroes of the game, these two ITVs perched on the hill managed an impressive armour kill list.

In the end however, although I still had a toe-hold on the SAM site, NATO losses proved too great and Swordsman’s Warsaw Pact won with 1 victory point.


2 thoughts on “Play it again, SAM

  1. Looks like fun. Do the hexes determine movement at all, in addition to their obvious modular aspects for board set up? Also, is the game anything like Bolt Action, because unless I’m mistaken it appears you are using order dice from that game.

    I remember many years ago, when I was in the Army, I got to climb inside an old, rusty BMP that was out on a firing range where tankers were going to start using it for target practice. I don’t know much about tanks first-hand, given I worked in JAG (legal) at the time, but I did get the impression that the Soviet guys had to be somewhat on the small side because it seemed pretty cramped. Also smelled … odd. 🙂

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    1. It was! The hexes have no effect, apart from the terrain on top of them, ie. the hex “seams” don’t matter. The game is similar to Bolt Action in some respects, but I mainly find the order dice useful to keep track of which unit has been activated and what it did.

      Thanks for the anecdote! It’s always interesting to hear personal accounts. I’ve only ever come into contact with war machines in museums, and the odd visit at a navy base where a friend of mine served. I’ve read that Soviet tank and armoured vehicle interiors tended to be pretty cramped as the designers prioritised a low profile over crew ergonomics, so that seems to line up with your experience. I guess the small space doesn’t help with the odour aspect either…

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