I’ve started building up a West-German 6mm force, and the first finished unit is a platoon of Leopard 1A4’s. I’ll spare you the historical anecdotes this time, and just leave you with these two fellas. As usual, GHQ quality and detail is great.

The Bundeswehr crosses are hand painted (as you can probably see). I figure they’re on a “good enough”-level for 6mm scale.



A SAM site for sore eyes

A while back I decided to make another objective piece for my game board in the form of a SAM site. Both GHQ and C-in-C miniatures stock a few different SAM-systems, and I decided to build a layout based on the S-125 Neva (NATO reporting name SA-3 Goa) from C-in-C.

I find SAM sites fascinating as a piece of geography. From the air, they remind me of the Nazca Lines or crop circles; oddly mystical, evoking rituals and hidden meanings. And there’s actually a historical incident where the visual interpretation of SAM site layouts influenced history, rather than them blowing something up. I figured that story could be a nice lead in, so join me after the break.

S-75 Dvina (SA-2 Guidline) site.
Nazca lines condor.

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Northern Wedding plays Fireteam Modern

So I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been looking into playtesting Rory Crabb’s Fireteam Modern ruleset, and last week we finally got around to it. I didn’t have time to dream up a convoluted scenario, so the fight was just a straight up confrontation between symmetric forces. This was partly a decision to better playtest the ruleset as well.

Overall, the experience was very positive, the rules play fast and generally make sense. Still, there were some things that irked us both, which I’ll get back to below. I wont write a super detailed after action report this time, but rather focus on some situations that highlight different aspects of the ruleset.

Soviet Motostrelki advancing with their BMP-2

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Crossing the line: A battle report

Another week, another game of Force on Force. This time the scenario was designed by my opponent. The session was a close call that turned into a complete bloodbath for both sides, but in the end NATO, like last game, came out on top. I play the Warsaw Pact in this game, and my opponent (let’s give him the codename Swordsman) plays NATO. And once again I apologize for the overall bad pictures. I started out with a few shots using my camera, but it became a bit clunky to use during the game so I switched to my phone.

GDR Grenzers patrolling the Inner German Border. Just as, or more, concerned with keeping people from defecting than keeping spies out.

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Hats off to 814

I recently picked up an Mi-8 helicopter from GHQ. And whenever I buy a miniature I of course start pondering a good paint scheme for it. This article is an example of the kind of rabbit hole you can end up in from a simple google image search like “gdr mi-8 paint scheme.” Join me for the story of the storm of the century.

Winter auf der Autobahn
Cars and trucks snowed in on the autobahn.

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The FROG that jumped over the moon: a 3D printing review

So I decided to try out the future, aka the wonderful world of 3D printing. There is a ton of models in 1/285 scale on Shapeways, and the quality seems to vary quite a lot. From really rough, upscaled 1/700 models like KokodaTrail’s, to the very detailed models at Masters of Military. I decided to buy from Masters of Military, and decided to go for a Luna M rocket launcher, and turn it into a set-piece objective for my game board. Why the Luna M? Well, I’m glad you asked.153200_82943_000_cc707303_9p113_lunam__frog7.jpg

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Force on Farce: wargaming rulesets

I don’t remember how I first found out about micro armour and what prompted me to get into it. I would guess I was sitting around in my underwear at three in the morning google image searching obscure Soviet tanks again, when I stumbled upon a picture of a 6mm tank and impulse bought some. We’ll never know for sure.

In any case, what quickly struck me when I started looking for a game system to play is that you can’t throw a die cast T-72B two meters without hitting five sets of miniature wargame rules. In this post I want to give my two cents on some of the game systems I’ve come across. Continue reading “Force on Farce: wargaming rulesets”